17 Ways To Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

17 Ways To Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

People say that life happens while you are busy planning, and when you reach a certain age, the list becomes more extensive. So it’s understandable if you don’t always have the time to exercise. We’ve all been there. However, it’s important to find the time in our schedule for exercise, as studies have shown that working out can improve both our physical and mental health. 

So, if you are someone who wants to find the time to work out as much as possible even when you don’t have time, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we share with you 17 creative ways you stay fit even when you do not have the time to work out. 

17 Ways to Exercise When You Don’t Have time

Balancing work and personal life takes too much of our time that we often don’t have the time in our schedule for exercise. However, there are alternate ways you can move your body even during your busy schedule. Here are some of them:

Walk Or Cycle As Much As Possible

Your commute to your office or school can be the perfect way to catch the time to work out. You can walk or cycle to and fro. Even if you cannot do it every morning for fear of being late to work or class, you can do so on your way back home. If the distance is too long, try combining taking public transport halfway and walking the other half. 

Spend More Time On Your Feet

It’s possible that your body will reap more benefits from standing up throughout the day as opposed to working out for a short period and then spending the entire day seated. So, try to avoid sitting as much as possible and choose to stand even when you are doing chores. 

Wake Up Early

You will have the chance to get in some exercise if you get up a few hours earlier than the rest of your family members. Consider it your free time before your daily responsibilities start. Moreover, waking up early boosts your energy for the entire day, which can further help you focus better and think better. 

Hydrate Yourself

Getting enough fluids are important for human health as well as survival, including keeping the brain working. So, ensure that you keep your body hydrated by drinking as much water as possible in a day. 

Utilise Your Lunch Break

Assuming that your lunch break lasts for 30-60 minutes, you still have tons of time to fit in a small workout. The most important thing to do at lunch is to eat, but you might be able to divide your lunch hour in half and utilise the first half to go for a walk, stretch, jog, or do any other exercise you can do.

Do Yoga At Home

Yoga is an excellent example of a relaxing exercise which you can perform at home with only a few things. As long as you have the space and a yoga mat, you can find amazing yoga instructors on Youtube who will be able to guide you. Yoga is an exercise that can help you relax, and it will be convenient for you to fit it into your day.

Pace More

Be it while you are taking calls or replying to work emails on your phone, make pacing your new habit. This will help you in burning tons of calories. 

Take The Stairs

Another way to exercise amidst your busy schedule is to take the stair rather than an escalator or a lift. If you make it a habit to use the stairs instead of the elevator, your heart health will be better, your cholesterol levels will go down, and your muscles will be stronger.

Stand During Meetings

Standing rather than sitting in meetings saves time and increases productivity. Although standing doesn’t quite equal exercise, it is better than sitting. If possible, work on your ab bracing.

Go Dancing

One of the best ways to exercise when you just don’t have time is to dance. If you’re out with your friends on the weekend and find the chance to dance, it’s a brilliant way to exercise your body, get your heart rate up, and have fun at the same time. Even at home, you can turn the volume up and dance the night away. 

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Utilise Your Cooking Time

We all know that most meals take between 15 and 30 minutes to cook. You don’t have to watch the pot boil. You can do something else instead. During this time, you can try high-intensity intervals. This includes skipping, running in place, and bodyweight exercises like mountain climbers or burpees, to name a few. 

Do Some Push-Ups In Bed

Pushups help you gain strength and build muscle all over your upper body. An excellent way to start your day is to do 60 seconds to one minute worth of pushups on your bed. 

Indulge In Outdoors Activities/Sports 

You can get your heart rate up by shooting hoops and playing football in your free time. Cardio is best done for 30 minutes, but even 5 – 10 minutes would also give you more energy as well as speed up your metabolism.

Do more Household Chores

The more you do physical chores such as sweeping, vacuuming or moping, the more calories you burn. Moreover, some studies show that doing household chores can not only make you feel less stressed but it can also help you sleep and rest better. Reducing stress and getting better sleep can make your health better.

Walk Your Dog

If you have a dog, take it for a walk once a day. This activity can help you get stronger in your heart and lungs, lower your blood pressure, build stronger bones and muscles, and feel less stressed.

Find Time Before You Shower

As you are waiting for the water to warm up, there are many things you can do. For instance, Do triceps dips or pushups by raising your feet on the edge of the toilet or bath. You could also hold a full bottle of shampoo on each side of your hands and do bicep curls. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping gives your muscles time to heal between workouts. Getting enough sleep is also crucial if you want to have the energy to work out. If you don’t, you might be less active during the day and have less muscle strength when you work out. So, ensure that you try to get at least seven hours (or nine)of sleep at night. 


Regardless of how busy you are, we advise that you schedule working out in your daily routine, even if only for half an hour daily. 

It’s not as tough as you may assume to include some form of physical activity in your daily life, despite how hectic your schedule may be. Give our workout lifehacks a try and see how they work for you. There is no question that you can find the time to work out; all you must do is become more creative about the ways in which you will do so.