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    Shred Fat

    Build Lean Muscle Mass

    5 times/week
    (Monday to Friday)

    Detailed nutrition guidelines

    What is a 30 day shred challenge?

    Our 30 Day shred Challenge is going to help you achieve all your dreams of losing weight, shredding that unwanted belly fat and achieving your dream of getting fit this new year. Our extremely talented celebrity trainers are going to provide live online exercise classes that include no equipment but just intense training.

    What is included in our best
    live exercise classes?



    for 30 days

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    How are these 30 days going to change your life?

    Here are a few reasons why you should choose our most famous online 30-day shred challenge:


    What do we have for you ?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Do I need to be in Mumbai to take this 30-day challenge?

    No, our 30-day shred challenge is completely online live exercise classes so it doesn’t matter whether you’re residing in Delhi or Australia. It won’t affect your training.

    What is the registration process?

    Just click on the link provided here and go to the cart. Add your contact details and choose the payment options. Complete the payment and we’ll send you a notification containing all the necessary information. It’s a very simple process.

    What if I am a beginner with no training equipment?

    No worries! Only resistance bands and Dumbbells are required which you can buy from our reliable online store and other equipment like Hex Dumbbell set, Non-slip Yoga Tego Mat, resistance bands, or Ace Blend Vegan Protein, etc.

    Be ready to sweat with our live online exercise classes!