Terms of Use

Terms of use

ö Rights of admission reserved in online and offline classes.

ö All fees will be received strictly in advance.

ö Fees once paid will not be refunded, extended or transferred under any circumstances.

ö Validity of the expiry date of membership is mentioned on the receipt. In case of any delay in the commencement of the program, members should inform the 6262 Fitness in writing, one day in advance. Failure to do so will be at the member’s own risk.

ö Members/ participants, and their family members/friends/colleagues/employees cannot record any session on any devise , without written permission of The 6262 Fitness , and further upload/circulate/ share, the exercise programme designed by The 6262 Fitness and its employees, as The 6262 Fitness centre is holder of copyrights for the same. Any unofficial use will attract penal /IPR action.

ö Members will be participating in the online training, on their own risk and consequences thereof, the 6262 fitness, its partners, managers, trainers, employees, will not be responsible for any acts committed even remotely including that of cyber crime.

ö Everything what will be said in the classes is only to motivate the participants, so that they reach at the maximum level of their body fitness, any kind of comparison is only for motivation and not to degrade / criticize, and no way should be considered as a body shame.

ö Members will carry out their workout pattern at their own risk. Management is not responsible for any accidental damage caused due to unadvised exercise schedule and/or use of exercise equipment.

ö No extra or special facilities will be provided to any specific member on the basis of religion or caste or disability.

ö Members using any instruments for fitness will be doing so at their own risk and liability, the 6262 Fitness is not responsible for any consequences or damage caused by the use of the same.

ö Members enrolling by not disclosing a history of previous illness/ailments/operations/prior diet program/post pregnancy/current pregnancy will do so at their own risk.

ö During the program regular medical check-up, treatments and payment of it will be borne by the member/s.

ö During fitness sessions, the members would have a choice of selecting their indoor/outdoor location, however management will not be responsible for any damage caused to the person or things due to fitness sessions.

ö Management holds full rights to reduce the session and timings available for any facility in case of any unavoidable circumstances.

ö The members should use a good quality device having a proper camera and mike while the fitness session is conducted.

ö All participating members must have their names shown when logged in, as participants are admitted in batches to ensure system stability and for more effective management. Also we have noticed that there are other family members also who do the same exercises behind the screen without payment (for example the male member has paid in the family, behing the wife and the kids also are doing the workouts but do not come in front of the screen, how can we put that here that firstly its not my responsibility and also its not allowed to do so.

ö Dress Code: For Ladies: Slacks/Tights/Capris/T shirts (preferably dri-fits), Clean Exercise Shoes with a Napkin/Towel, also carrying a deodorant is recommended. For Gents: Track pants/Shorts/Capris/T shirts (preferably dri-fits), Clean Exercise Shoes with a Napkin/Towel, also carrying a deodorant is recommended.

ö Members should be on mute during the fitness sessions and should ensure that there is no disturbance from their end. The management reserves the right to remove the participating members.

ö All programs and equipment’s are for indoor use only. actually this is indoor or outdoor as people can train anywhere.

ö The member has understood that the fitness program may be strenuous and the member chooses to participate voluntarily, and accepts all responsibilities for any results, injury, mishap that may affect his/her well being or health in any way and the 6262 Fitness and / or its trainees will not be held liable for it. ö Results vary from person to person. 6262 Fitness is not responsible for any commitment given by that staff or any other person within 6262 fitness.

ö Rules and Regulations of 6262 Fitness, which may be enforced from time to time are subject to change according to the prevailing local conditions.

ö This certifies that any photograph or video taken during workout session can be uploaded on 6262fitness page and website/application/google page for official purpose and for the motivation of society at large, we assure you that none of these will be misused by 6262 Fitness, we do not hold any internet mishappening on our end.

ö Incase of any dispute, the concerned member should approach the management to resolve the issue. Incase the issue is not resolved the members then raise the dispute in accordance with the laws prevailing in India and the courts of Mumbai will have the exclusive jurisdiction only.

I have read, understood and agree with all the terms and conditions of 6262 Fitness printed above after having the opportunity to have it reviewed by an attorney at my discretion.