special batch by Amit Dahiya

Fitness and good health is not a privilege, it’s your right.

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Shred Fat

Build Lean Muscle Mass

5 times/week
(Monday to Friday)

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special batch by coach Amit Dahiya

The 30 day challenge is a commitment to yourself to achieve total fitness and good health. Simply put, you can become better, fitter and healthier and we do it quicker. We will help you unleash your potential in 30 days

Amit Dahiya-Head Coach

What do you get ?

Step 1: 5times/week training schedule followed by 2 days of rest for the next 30 days

Step 2: Healthy, Clean & Nutritious diet plan by our Expert Sports Nutritionist

Step 3: End result



*For non-members only

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6262 Fitness & 62 Vegan Street brings to you an ultimate Diet mate

Vegan and Gluten-free Meals

– A 30 day Shred Challenge demands 30 days of Consistent & Committed diet regimen
– Order personalised vegan | gluten free meals from 62 Vegan Street especially curated by our expert sports nutritionist.
– A combination of supercharged Vegan & gluten free meals with a personalised diet plan to help you slim down and stay energised.
– Adds strength to your body to workout better and get results faster.
– Vegan and Gluten free meals are catalysts for shredding excess fat.
– No workout is successful without a diet plan
– Switch to a healthier, happier, and clean vegan & Gluten free diet
– Train Right. Eat Right. Get results Right.

62 Vegan Street ‘Meal Check’
– High protein meals to surfice your daily diet
– All meals are calorie counted
– Receive personalised message from our experts about the Calories and Macros you have consumed
– Personalised diet planning and review by expert sports nutritionists


What are we targeting ?

What do we have for you ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You don’t have to be in Mumbai physically to take our 30 day Challenge. Register with our Online Zoom Classes and get started with the 30 day challenge workout from anywhere in India.
Honestly, everything depends on how committed you are towards the 30 day Shred challenge. If you are training right, eating right and doing everything as we guide, you will see results yourself.
That should not be a problem. Only resistance bands and Dumbbells are mandatory which you can purchase from our dedicated online store along with many other equipment such as Non slip Yoga Tego Mat, professional Hex Dumbbell set, resistance bands, or Ace Blend Vegan Protein,etc.
You can join any long term programs making fitness a lifestyle like Quarterly, half yearly or annual programs.

It is either One Day or Day One. You decide.

*For non-members only